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African Lioness

[Chinomso Odimegwu, 21, College Student]

A man is not where he lives, but where he loves

Man is a spiritual being, a soul, and at some period of his life everyone is possessed with an irresistible desire to know his relationship to the Infinite… . There is something within him which urges him to rise above himself, to control his environment, to master the body and all things physical and live in a higher and more beautiful world.

David O. McKay (via observando)

i still think about you every now and then, even tho we never met. you are so special for me, you changed some things in me. i hope you are okay love and i am sorry i left without saying anything.

I think I know who this is and my response is: it’s alright :) All is forgiven. Please reach out to me again, I’d love to reconnect! I hope you’re doing very well. All my love xx